Can I download the videos?
The videos are not downloadable but can be live streamed through the 33-Day Program Page.
Can I participate in more than one chapter in a day?
To receive the maximum benefit of the program, Panache recommends focusing on one chapter a day.  Allow yourself to concentrate on one aspect a day and experience it  fully without rushing.
Do I have to be a member of to participate in the 33-Day Path?
You do not have to be a member to participate in the program.
Do I have to register to participate in the 33-Day Path?
You do not have to register for this free program.   
How do I access 33-Day Path mp3 audio clips?
For each daily reminder that includes an audio file, you will see a colored box in the center of the page. Click on the black box titled “LISTEN HERE” and enjoy the audio.     
How do I access 33-Day Path PDF worksheets?
For each daily reminder that includes a PDF worksheet, you will see a colored box in the center of the page. Inside the colored block, click on the black box titled “VIEW PDF.” The worksheet will open and you can view, print and download. Follow the prompts when you open the page.  
How do I access 33-Day Path videos?
For each daily reminder that includes a video clip, you will see a colored box in the center of the page. Click on the black box titled “WATCH HERE” and enjoy the video.  
How do I access the 33-Day Path Program?
Simply log on to where you can find all the information you need.
How do I access the live teleclasses? Do I need to be a member to participate?
To access the live teleclasses click here to access our events page to register. Membership is required to register for the teleclasses. If you’re not already a member, click here to join. It’s free!
How do I download the mp3’s to my PC/MAC/Mobile Device?
Please click here to access the Knowledge Base and instructions on how to download mp3s to a variety of devices.
How do I sign up for email reminders?
Click here and find the turquoise button titled “GET REMINDERS.” Click on the “GET REMINDERS ” button and a new window will open with a sign up form.  Provide your information and you’ll receive your daily reminders from Panache! 
How does the 33-Day Program differ from the 21-Day program? Why is it 33-Days?
The 33-Day Program is specifically designed to accompany Panache’s book Discovering Your Soul Signature, which contains 33 chapters – so each day of the program is dedicated to a different chapter.  Like the 21-Day program, there will be audio, video, and live components included. However, the 33-Day Path does not focus on a single, overall intention, but on embracing a different aspect of ourselves each day.
I haven’t read the book. Do I have to buy the book to participate in the 33-Day Path?
No! However, we hope that the content on will motivate you to examine a deeper explanation of your soul signature contained in the book.
I purchased a Discovering Your Soul Signature audio book. Will I receive the same benefit from the 33-Day program as someone with a hard copy?
You will.  Both formats contain the same content, so you will receive the full benefit.
If I am working or not available for the live calls, will there be replays?
Yes! Links to the replay and download will be made available within an hour of the completion of each call.
If I skip a day, should I continue on in sequence or jump ahead?
Panache recommends that you spend a full day on each chapter in the book. Access the content in the 33 Day program to support you each day. If you skip a day do not worry. Just continue where you left off in sequence.  
Is there a characters limit when posting a comment?
There is no character restriction when posting a comment. Post freely and as often as you’d like.
Is there a live event every day of the 33-Day program?
While there is no daily live interaction, there will be five, LIVE Interactive Teleclasses with Panache scheduled throughout the program. There is a Community Discussion Board where participants can interact with each other 24/7. You will also be provided with additional audio, video and teachings that accompany the book as well as daily reminders. 
Is there a specific time of day I should do the exercises?
It’s best to access the material when you can take the time to stop, slow down and focus on you and the deeper exploration of your soul signature- whenever that may occur during the course of your day.
Is there a specific time of day to access the material?
Each successive day’s material will be activated at 12 am local time. If you’ve signed up for daily reminders, you can expect to receive them daily at 6 AM local time. 
What if I can’t make all 33 days?
It’s ok. We recommend that you follow the program sequentially. If you miss a day, don’t worry. Participate at your own pace. 
What if I discover Panache and the 33-Day program – in August 2015?
The 33-Day Program is evergreen.  Once you receive your book, simply start with day one and take yourself through the program, utilizing all of the tools and accompaniments included.
What if I’m unable to start on May 5th?
Begin on whatever day you are able. Panache recommends that you participate one day/chapter at a time. 
What if my book didn’t arrive in time for May 5th start date?
Don’t panic. Just follow along with the content on the until your book arrives. 
What is the 33-Day Path?
The 33-Day Path is an in-depth exploration of Panache’s new book, Discovering Your Soul Signature. This 33-day journey is a program designed to remove the emotional blocks that keep us from connecting with our authentic selves. 
What kind of content can I expect from the 33-Day Path?
For 33 consecutive, life-changing days, Panache will lead you through a course of reading and discussion. Live teleclasses, community discussion boards, and special, enriching bonus content on the website will guarantee that you and your fellow travelers feel supported every step of the way.
Where can I buy the book?
You can purchase the book from the Panache Desai website or any of the retail booksellers by clicking here.
Why are some days not available?
Each of the 33 days provides content designed to offer support as you read-along a chapter a day in Panache’s new book, Discovering Your Soul Signature.